Traveling to another is a good way to learn about different cultures and traditions. Similarly, travelers are able to explore different places that are different from their place of origin. The great thing about traveling is that people get to taste different dishes prepared in different cooking styles. Taipei, Taiwan is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to food. According to some travel tips, as well as CNN and Conde Nest Traveller, Taipei is a paradise for people who love to eat. Such is due to the fact that it has approximately 20 streets that are exclusively built for food markets. The good thing is that they all serve delicious and fresh dishes. With such in regard, travelers are advised to empty their stomachs when they visit the food areas of Taipei. Likewise, they should only do small portion eating in order for them to try out all the great dishes in the country.


Taiwan dishes are actually a fusion of Japanese and traditional Chinese techniques. Since there is a lot of food to choose from in Taipei, some of the most recommended ones to try out will be discussed in this article. The most popular food that is exclusive in Taiwan is Guabao. Basically, it is the Taiwanese hamburger. The bite-sized and well-distributed pork fillings placed in the bun have a combination of sweet, sour, and salty tastes. The good thing about it is that even if the pork is a bit greasy, the filled bun is steamed. Thus, people will not worry about the health effects of too much oil. A popular seafood dish in the city is the fish ball soup. As the name implies, it is a soup that is filled with fish balls. The great thing about it is that the fish balls are handmade.


Ding biancuo is a fresh noodle dish that is prepared in a very unique manner. The noodles are actually made from rice flour and are prepared using a heated wok. The noodle is then served with handmade pork and shrimp cakes, cabbage, daylily, and bamboo shoots. An unusual dish that is highly recommended is the pig's blood rice pudding. The blood and sticky rice are cooked in perfection and placed in a popsicle stick and is coated with a sweet peanut butter powder. The name and the ingredient used may not be so inviting for some but this snack is one of the best in the city according to some world's culinary tours. Other snacks to try out in the city are dumplings, mochis, pepper and sun cakes, ribs, stinky and Pidan tofu, and sausages.


Since the city has a lot of places filled with food, travelers or tourists may have a lot of trouble choosing the right specialty stalls. They may also be too overwhelmed and may end up just walking around without even trying anything out. That is also because some of the food markets are open from three in the afternoon until three in the morning. Thus, they are advised to book food tours with reputable tour guide companies like Taipei Eats.